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Compare the True Cost of Problem-Plagued Lawns with the Savings of Trouble-Free Landscaping

Monthly Expenses of a Problem-Plagued Lawn

Please enter the requested information to demonstrate the true cost of maintaining your existing problem-plagued landscaping, and the short and long-term savings of installing a beautiful, maintenance-free FieldTurf lawn!

(Fertilizing, re-sodding, aeration, re-seeding, scalping, etc.)
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(Between 30% and 50% depending on your area) %
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Trouble-Free FieldTurf Lawn by EasyTurf


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10-Year Return on Investment

The payment term for a typical EasyTurf installation averages between 5 and 6 years. Your current landscaping costs will continue indefinitely and will only increase.

10-Year Expense of Maintaining a Problem-Plagued Lawn
10-Year Savings of Installing a Beautiful EasyTurf Lawn from to

As you can see, investing in a problem-free lawn by EasyTurf will not only eliminate your landscaping problems and save you time, but will also provide thousands of dollars in savings. Not included in the calculation is the increase in value and improved salability you will realize as a result of upgrading your property with an EasyTurf lawn and/or putting green.

The cost of an EasyTurf lawn is dependent on several factors.
A Design Consultant will determine the actual cost for your project.